Privacy Policy

Kohyao Booking Ferry realizes that customer personal information, we received from tourism company and system development considerably important. The company respects to customer by using the information in appropriate way under General Data Protection Regulation, including all the law that related to business law, common law, principle and social order, to maintain confidence and trust from customer, to ensure the safety of all personal information. We are providing this notice to explain our information practices and the way information is collected and used. Kohyao Booking Ferry has provided a comprehensive policy and system structure as follows:

1. Personal Data We Collect - Use – and Share
We collect and use your information which we take your privacy and security very seriously, concerning about content and boundary. We will use the information you provide to us for the purpose you provided it to us. We collect and use information we believe is necessary to our business, in some case we have to share your data to third party service providers so that company will not share, without customer permission. We expect all employees and those with whom we share personal data to adhere to the privacy policy.

2. Strictly Follow the Law
The Company respects all individuals’ privacy rights under all the laws that apply to it such as General Data Protection Regulation and all the regulations that related.

3. How We Protect Your Personal Data
We strive to take appropriate security measures to help safeguard your personal data, by create control system ‘Personal Data Protection System’ which authorized employees are allowed to access personal data, and they may only access it for permitted business functions. We trained employee to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of information, we use reasonable efforts to prevent it.

4. Complaint and Personal Data Management Discussion
We organize ‘Personal Data Discussion Section’ for complaint and discuss about personal data issue, so we able to work closely with customer, solve the problem immediately when the problem is occurred.

5. Continue to Develop Personal Data Management System
Apart from organization management environment to protect personal data along with social situation and technology advancement, company has to put an effort to develop ‘Personal Data Protection System’ continually.

Storage Function

The company collects the customer's name, email address, and phone number for the purpose of making reservations. Sent only to the boat company, the service provider, for no other reason. After the customer has traveled, the retention period is 6 months. The company does not store the customer's credit or debit card information because doing so would be a violation of the terms of payment.