"Holy water wells" in Koh Yao Noi

"Holy water wells"  in Koh Yao Noi          

 "Holy water wells" or foreigners, called "Holy Spring Water", lie along the western seaboard of Baan An Pao . Mangrove forest area The villagers found this spring in the middle of the water during the low tide in the sea. But when the water receded, that pond was a very clear freshwater basin. This is a miracle for the villagers. The villagers therefore arranged the stones to create a small pond for easy observation. There are 3 ponds, the mother pond, the father pond and the child pond near each other and the stones arranged as a pathway.
Travel is about 5.5 km away from the market, drive along the western sea road - Baan An Pao, there will be a restaurant in front of the way down. With a big sign Then walk down the concrete stairs for another 50 meters, it is a point of mangrove forest but luckily came during low tide. Can walk to the freshwater pond.